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The Process Makes All The Difference

Harmony Homes is a custom home design builder. That means we offer both design and construction services in-house, instead of having to deal with different providers. How do we know this makes a difference? Our clients tell us…

  • Always well-managed projects and a company that cares about its customers first


  • Their high standards and qualified team ensure they deliver the very best for their clients


  • Always following up on the little details

  • A home builder that cares about its customers first​​​​​

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Designing… Your Custom Home


In the design phase, we provide you with all the necessary planning and design drawings to help you visualize your new home. These may include:


  • Design Drawings

  • Perspectives, 3Ds, Renderings

  • Preliminary Plans

  • Site Section Profiles

  • Construction Drawings & Site Plans

  • Landscape Design


​Throughout the designing process, we consider all factors involved in both the planning and construction of your new custom home — painting the “big picture” of essentials needed to put your dream home together. Some of these factors include:​


  • Budgets and options​​​​​


  • Your specific building site conditions


  • Individual preferences and unique requirements


  • Product selections


  • Technological and sustainability integrations


Building… Your Custom Home


​​Our ability to compare your new home ideas to similar past projects that we have designed and built, allow us to properly guide you through the planning process; effectively and efficiently. Knowledge of costs and budgets early on helps us stay on target with designing.


​Outsourcing home plans often results in designs that don’t accurately reflect your building site characteristics, engineering requirements, desired product integrations; which can translate into significant cost overruns that can easily exceed the overall budget.


​With Harmony’s Design/Build model; the design, planning and construction all come together under one contract. We assume responsibility for all work on the project – from beginning to end, so the entire process is smooth and seamless.


Design/Build… Your Custom Home


Harmony’s Design/Build system reduces the time it takes to accurately design and correctly price your new home. Less time and fewer meetings are required with our one-stop-shopping system since you have now eliminated the need for a range of various meetings with designers, developers, draftsmen, engineers and various contractors.


​Making design and product changes throughout this process is done with ease. Our designers, draftsmen, estimators, project managers and site managers are all brought together – sharing ideas – focusing in on your individual new home project.


​As an EnerGuide Rating System builder, we know a thing or two about building homes that are energy-efficient too. Thinking about energy efficiency in the design/planning phase helps you add value to your home, and saves you money over the long term.


​By working through this process, we are able to provide you with a well-defined scope of work, resulting in fewer change orders, keeping us on time, and on budget.

​Our Mission


Exceptional customer service and complete satisfaction are paramount factors in what drives the team at Harmony. Our finished homes speak for themselves. The testimonials from our clients provide a narrative to the story of a team dedicated to the craft of creating timeless, quality built homes while building lifelong friendships. All stages of planning and construction should be exciting and enjoyable. Whether you’ve built before, or if this is your first time, please allow us to explain what makes Harmony Homes stand alone, and how we bring your new home dreams to life!

Ready to chat?

​To discuss your new custom home plans, please contact Zsolt Ketesdi of Harmony Homes or give him a call at 250-300-7269 for a free consultation!​

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