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Meet Harmony Homes Project Manager

Zsolt Ketesdi brings more than sixteen years of real estate, property development and project management experience to the team at Harmony Homes. He has worked with buyers and sellers as well as landlords and developers to ensure that their exact standards were not only met but exceeded while serving his community with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Zsolt works with hundreds of suppliers, contractors and colleagues to ensure his clients can secure a fair price for the products and services that go into their home.

“I understand how important it is to have a professional looking after your interests in the process of buying the right property and building your dream home or investment property. Over the years I have gained priceless skills and knowledge that will help make your overall client experience and build process more thorough and enjoyable. I look forward to helping you create your new custom home while building a lasting relationship along the way.”

Schedule Your Free Consultation

To discuss your new custom home plans with Zsolt Ketesdi of Harmony Homes, please send him an email or give him a call 250-300-7269 today!

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